As we begin 2024, we welcome the opportunity for a New Year, New Plan. A time for reflection, for renewal, for…panicked scrambling to find a new planner and cramming in all the “shoulds” we didn’t get to in the previous year. But this year, let’s step off the hamster wheel and approach our event planning with a different kind of sparkle.

Rediscovering the Joy

Forget the frantic to-do lists and Pinterest boards overflowing with unrealistic expectations. Instead, let’s sip our coffee with slow intention, savor the blank pages of our planners, and design a year of events that are meaningful, memorable, and enjoyable to plan. This isn’t about following trends or chasing the “perfect” Instagrammable moment. It’s about rediscovering the joy of connection, of bringing people together around shared experiences, and of creating moments that spark genuine laughter, heartfelt conversations, and lasting memories.

Hyper-personalized Events

Gone are the days of generic experiences. Instead, data-driven technology and AI are allowing event planners to craft bespoke journeys for each attendee. From pre-event surveys and social media analysis to RFID bracelets tracking your preferences in real-time, every detail is tailored to create a truly unique and meaningful experience. So, instead of feeling like a face in the crowd, you’ll feel like the star of the show, with an event that revolves around you. Hyper-personalization isn’t just a trend; it’s a revolution in event planning, promising to turn every gathering into an unforgettable experience.


In the age of instant gratification and laser-focused attention spans, the long, sprawling conference is losing its edge. Micro-events let you deep-dive into specific topics, foster genuine connections in smaller groups, and keep energy levels high throughout. These focused gatherings, like intimate workshops, themed dinner parties, or quick networking sessions, offer laser-targeted engagement to smaller, well-defined audiences. The hyper-focused experiences allow for deeper interactions, personalized learning, and a genuine sense of community. So, skip the three-day marathon and embrace the micro-moment.

Virtual Reality Events

Technology is taking your guests on a wild ride! Leave behind boring lectures and predictable presentations – the future of events is brimming with immersive experiences powered by cutting-edge technology. Imagine stepping into a virtual reality concert where you’re front row with your favorite band, or exploring a historical landmark through augmented reality glasses that overlay forgotten stories onto the present. The possibilities are endless, limited only by the imagination of event creators.

Changing Through Technology

In this new year with a new plan, it’s not just about fancy gadgets. Technology can also be used to create seamless experiences that enhance, rather than replace, human interaction. AI-powered chatbots can answer questions and greet guests, while smart badges facilitate networking by automatically connecting people with shared interests. Data analysis tools can even help you personalize the event in real time, adjusting lighting, music, or content based on attendee preferences.

New Year, Same Sustainability

Today’s events are continuing to embrace a greener future with sustainable celebrations that minimize environmental impact and maximize positive vibes. Sustainability isn’t just about a cool buzzword; it’s about making conscious choices that benefit the planet and our communities. Event planners are partnering with local eco-conscious vendors, choosing biodegradable decorations and materials, and prioritizing waste reduction through clever composting and recycling initiatives. Transportation emissions are tackled with bike parking, ride-sharing options, and even carbon offsetting programs. Locally sourced, seasonal menus featuring plant-based options not only reduce carbon footprint but also tantalize taste buds with fresh, flavorful dishes. Sustainable celebrations aren’t just about minimizing harm; they’re about maximizing positive impact.

Looking Forward To The Year

This year, let’s approach event planning with a revolutionary spirit, where every gathering is a chance to redefine expectations and create experiences that spark, connect, and transform. Forget the cookie-cutter templates and predictable routines. Embrace hyper-personalization, tailoring your events to individual preferences and igniting passions with data-driven magic. Step into micro-moments bursting with focused energy, where small groups forge deep connections and learning takes center stage. Let technology be your co-pilot, weaving immersive journeys through virtual realities and sensory delights, all while promoting sustainability and leaving a positive footprint on the world. Let’s make 2024 the year we rewrite the event rulebook, one unforgettable experience at a time with a new year new plan! Let’s talk events!