Program Length: Five days
Location: Las Vegas, Orlando
Attendee Size: 1400 – 1800 participants

Services Required:

Complete program management (registration, housing, logistics), coordination of suppliers and venues

Services Included:

Project Plan development and implementation, registration tool creation and management, multiple hotel management, hotel venue execution, VIP support and transfer, all logistic elements, vendor management for staffing, power, decor, wi-fi network, off site venues and activities, ground transportation, air booking, and creative food and beverage displays.

Success Keys:

Work collaboratively with client to create and manage a detailed project plan / timeline identifying milestones, task responsibilities and status readouts; annually consolidated events and incorporated new acquisitions into new program; work with creative firm on incorporating conference branding throughout venue, multi-vendor coordination and successful long-term collaboration with client team at a tactical level. Extremely high survey results noted for the overall experience.