Strategic Concepts

Approaching your event programs strategically allows stakeholders to understand the organization and identify constituents who might be decision makers in your event marketing activities. The workstreams will build the foundational understanding for developing objectives and priorities of the business. You’ll gain deeper insights that will inform your event strategy and focus on the target audience’s needs and behaviors. Branding your event is one of the most essential steps in running an event. It gives your event a unique personality. It’s the very essence of who you are, what you represent, and the expectations of your attendees when they arrive at your event. Event branding is not anymore about just stylistic elements, it defines positioning, mission, messaging, key visuals, individualized attendee personas, and key points of attendee engagement experiences during the event. ECDP is focused on designing events that deliver value for our customers, partners and business communities. We like to create a storytelling approach which focuses on objectives, goals and measurable outcomes. Creating attendee journeys which build connections, designs new pathways for peer-to-peer learning and enhance business communities across borders.