Program Length: Seven Days
Location: Caribbean Islands and Hawaii
Attendee Size: 300 (winners and spouse/guest)

Services Required:

Know your audience, design a program to thank top performers and motivate them to continue delivering business, create a memorable experience. Event registration, establish trip date and location, length of program, venue site selection and contract negotiations. Program outline, activities, budget forecasting and financial reporting. Design once-in-a-lifetime experience for award winners. Develop format and deliverables for half-day business meetings with top performers. Measure incentive travel success and overall employee satisfaction. Design program to keep the motivation going throughout the year.

Services Included:

Project plan development and implementation, worked with the leadership team to clearly establish and define goals. Careful planning and management are crucial to hosting a successful incentive program that gains momentum year after year. Designed a micro-site for registration and information on the incentive.

Success Keys:

First step in planning an incentive trip is to clearly establish and define the clients’ goals. Identified qualification guidelines with leadership team and keys for success. Successfully designed the program, daily activities, event branding and communications, and maintained weekly communications with award winners and their spouse/guest. Developed emergency preparedness plans and several health and safety measures throughout the event to ensure a smooth program flow. Research destination, documentation of protocols and security concerns. Defined the general activity options for attendees and provided promotional details in which they could create their daily agendas. Overall achievement was making the trip memorable and giving the sales winner’s opportunity to experience new cultures, build stronger relationships with executive management, and share experiences in their day-to-day life with other employees. We continued the excitement over the next twelve months to motivate employees for next year’s trip.