Nurturing, Building, and Growing Industry Relationships 

Relationship building is essential in many industries.  Successful hospitality professionals know that it is vital in our industry. Strong trust and respect are important among colleagues who work together to execute events and serve guests. It is also key to planners when searching for and securing venues and destinations to host meetings and events.

Get Involved In Industry Organizations

Early in our careers, we are often told that several key industry professional organizations are important to join. Joining is not enough. On average, 15,000 people join professional organizations for their industry. Get involved on a committee or in a leadership or board position. This will help you make a difference in your organization, and forge friendships and relationships that can alter your path and last a lifetime!

Colleagues and Clients Often Become Friends

When you work hard together, spend a lot of time together, and share challenges and successes, you often become true friends with your work colleagues and clients. We are fortunate in our industry to have many opportunities for personal interaction with others, which can lead to friendships. These friendships are yet another bonus to our jobs.

Established Relationships Lead To Better Deals

We are more likely to work with people who we already know and trust. This is because we often feel more comfortable working through contracts, negotiating needs, or asking for assistance with an industry partner. Established partners, not strangers, typically create and grow good deals because it takes time to grow a relationship and friendship. Only 30% of new client bookings come from cold outreach. If you are responsible for growing your business and/or improving your bottom line, make sure you work to establish strong industry relationships.

Benefits of Relationship Building

There are many benefits of building professional relationships. Building strong relationships will help you be successful in the event industry. Some of the benefits of these relationships include:
  • Increased trust and reliability
  • A better understanding of clients needs
  • Access to opportunities
  • Jobs are more fun

The Results are Measurable!

The people you surround yourself with can provide a profound impact on your career and life. They can provide you with support, guidance, and opportunities. They can also challenge you to grow and learn and help you stay motivated. When you surround yourself with the right people, you are more likely to be positive and successful. A study by LinkedIn found that 70% of professionals who book new business do so through networking. This suggests that networking is a valuable tool for booking new clients, and that it can be a very effective way to grow your business. This is why relationship-building is essential. Let’s Talk Events!