The best partnerships are ones with strong collaboration, open and honest communication and cross-functional teams working toward a common goal of measurement. Discover our top tips to create successful partnerships that yield successful events.   In the Events Industry, the value of partnerships is critical to your success. The relationships you build and cultivate with other industry professionals are directly proportional to your overall success. This is an industry built on networking and recommendations. Here are some attributes we’ve found for successful partnerships.  

Key Partnership Attributes



All great relationships are built on similar values. In order to build successful relationships, you need to align yourself with other professionals that share your values. Often you can get a good indication of another company’s values from their website and social media.   

Communication and Collaboration

This is a two-way street. You and your employees can be great communicators, but if you’re trying to build a partnership with another company that lacks in this department frustration will ensue. Having similar communication styles is always helpful but not required. Being able to adapt to different styles of communication is a valuable skill that will open many doors. In the same vein, the companies you are looking to work with have to also want to collaborate. Being aware upfront of any other collaboration efforts they have aside from you might dissuade a potential partnership.   

Shared Goals

In a partnership, it’s important that your high-level goals are aligned. If you’re looking to grow and expand your business then partnering with a professional who is looking for a consistent in-house position might not be the best fit.   

Industry Trends

The event industry is always changing and evolving. You want partners who actively stay on top of the latest trends, adapt to them, and then share with you. It’s impossible to be on top of every trend all the time. Having a strong network of partners that share this information with you is invaluable.  

Relationship Building

As you form multiple partnerships it’s important to help facilitate relationships between all of your partners. The most successful events are made up of vendors who know each other, understand how everyone works, and create a cohesive team. When working with a team of unknown vendors it is a great opportunity to build new relationships that can flourish into successful partnerships. Never pass up an opportunity to add to your external team of partners.