Putting closure on 2022 means it’s time to think about your business goals and what needs to be accomplished in this next year.  New Year’s resolutions can sometimes feel like a waste of time, but with the right ones your business can reach higher heights.  There are so many goals that you can potentially set, however, we suggest these five for your New Year’s resolutions.  

Network, Network, Network!

Gone are the days of cold calling, just dropping a business card with an admin, or sending bulk mailers. In 2023, find a way to expand your network.  Make meaningful connections by joining an industry specific organization.  And don’t just join, get involved!  This can be done by serving on a committee or volunteering your talents.  Speaking of volunteering, a great organic way to increase your network is by donating your time to your favorite charity or cause.  What’s better than making new connections while you also impact the community?  Remember, networking doesn’t have to be stiff or ultra-planned.  You might be surprised by who you meet through your everyday routine.  Be sure to make eye contact and say hello to your barista, chat with your neighbors, and make small talk at your child’s sporting events.  You never know where these simple conversations will lead.

Master Social Media

Did you know that a fifth of all event ticket sales can now be traced back to social media?  It’s clear that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are not going anywhere.  They have become powerful tools for communication and it’s time to not only embrace it but truly master it.  Social media is constantly changing and evolving so don’t get complacent even if you think you know it all.  Follow current trends and make sure you are utilizing this powerful tool to its max capacity. Or if you simply can’t take this on, find an online marketing company that can help.  

Try Something New

It can be intimidating to put yourself out there and try something new.  However, it’s also incredibly rewarding and even fun to tackle a challenge.  What are some things you haven’t tried in your business before?  Is there a new area of your industry that you should add?  Listening to podcasts can be a very easy way to gain new knowledge while you drive or do other mundane tasks.  Read a book, subscribe to industry newsletters, or follow leaders in your industry on social media.  Tap into your network to see who is an expert in the new arena you wish to try.  

Embrace Technology

Jumping out of your comfort zone with technology is tough.  There will be a learning curve.  However, once past this initial phase, technology can really lighten your workload.  It’s also crucial to make sure you are offering your clients the latest in technology.  Take time to assess if you are using the right technology for your business and what is new for 2023. Following online feeds and podcasts are a great way to get your feet wet. They usually will recommend other resources to expand from there and then the path is endless!  

Evaluate Your Past

In order to move forward, it’s important to look at where you have been.  What were your successes this past year and what were your failures?  Look at all the events you planned and debrief them one by one.  Take an honest, a brutally honest look at what you did well vs what needs work.  If you have a good relationship with your clients, gaining their feedback can be super helpful.  Make sure you involve your whole team in this exercise.  Don’t just focus on the areas of trouble.  This can be a fun time to celebrate your wins too.  This simple exercise can help you approach the New Year with fresh eyes.  

New Year’s Resolutions – Welcome 2023

The New Year just feels bright and fresh.  So as 2022 winds down, set aside some time to implement these five resolutions.  Don’t miss this chance to network, master social media, try something new, embrace technology, and evaluate your past.  Cheers to 2023!